Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Custom Imaging on Dartboard Cabinets Now Available at Loria!

               As a purveyor of one of the best selections of darts, dartboards and darting accessories in the New York/tri-state area, it was only a matter of time before we would offer custom images on the doors of our dartboard cabinets.  For years, we at Loria have offered a variety of dartboard cabinets with various stock-printed images to the public.  This variety of stock printed cabinets are still offered.  But we are still limited by what our suppliers can provide.  
               So for those who have been looking to make it a bit more "personal", something had to be done.  This is because many people from our stupendously loyal customer-base have repeatedly inquired about getting their own image on the doors of their dartboard cabinet.  
               Well, it's finally a reality!  Loria now offers custom-shaped and printed decals for the doors of your Loria-purchased dartboard cabinet.  These decals are expertly designed, digitally printed and professionally mounted to personalize your game-room!
               Customized images on the dartboard cabinet doors are not a new concept.  Over the centuries, countless pubs and taverns across history (most notably in the UK) proudly displayed their logo or coat-of-arms to emblematically represent their respective establishment.  Now you can do the same for your "establishment"!
               Loria now offers this tried and true way of personalizing your game-room both online and in-store.  You simply provide us with the high-quality digital file required for best results - or we can assist you in the design process.  Either way, we guarantee the best workmanship around in making your dartboard cabinet more than just an attractive storage unit.  Make it the attention-grabbing billboard that it was meant to be for your game-room!

Monday, January 7, 2019

2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Game Tables: A "Win-Win...Win"!

               Here at Loria, we've had multi-purpose game tables for years.  Primarily, it's been 7' and 8' pool tables in which you can add a table-tennis conversion top.  Usually without fail, I advise customers in the market for this combination that such a "2-in-1" game table actually becomes a "3-in-1" activity table in this case if you toss a sizable table cloth over the conversion top (sans the net, of course).  That's six-pocket pool, table tennis and dining!

"The Washington" pool table with
matching dining top, in the
"Antique Walnut" finish
               If you have a more finished or 'formal' setting - or a nice meal followed by a relaxing game of pool rounds out your interests - we now have new line of traditional style pool tables that come with an optional (some inclusive), matching, furniture-finish dining top.  Ready-made and richly crafted, these dining tops (and the pool tables for which they're made) have a high-end look without the high end price!

"The Barnstable" pool table with 
matching dining top, in the 
weathered "Silver Mist" finish
"The Penelope" pool table with 
matching dining top, in the 
"Espresso" finish
               Pictured in this post are just some of the pool tables available with the optional wood dining-top.  Please visit our website today to see the complete line of these "2-in-1" masterpieces!