Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Old Look is the New Look!

"The Reno", shown above in Dark Chestnut finish, 
is one of many of the new 'weathered finish'
pool tables at Loria.
jeans, weathered shirts, weathered this and weathered that!  
Garments that look like they've been through the extremes of all four seasons and put in a lifetime of hard work have been a popular fashion choice for many years now - whether the wearers of the garments have been through such experiences or not.  
               This has also been a fashionable interior design choice over the years as weathered furniture has been around for quite a while as well.  New furniture, in which the finishes appear to be quite old and worn, have a certain richness to them that has been appealing for decades now.  Often you'd find such furnishings at beach houses, Caribbean style hotels or other vacation locales.  In an more esoteric sense, it may symbolically represent "experience" in life to the owner, and perhaps that's the subliminal appeal of the "weathered" look.  
"The Bedford", shown in the Silver Mist finish.
               Meek attempts at parlor psychology aside, there's no doubt that the old look of the weathered finish has a well-deserved foothold in the worlds of fashion and interior design.  Now that style has gone "inland" and has taken a turn for the "recreational" at Loria!  The newest additions to the Loria Gameroom collection of pool tables and pool table/dining top combinations feature some the most tasteful examples of the "weathered" finish.  The old look is the new look in this classic new addition to Loria Gameroom collection.

"The Barnstable", shown in the
Silver Mist finish, which is available with a
matching dining top (as shown below).

               Choose from ten new designs, in both contemporary and traditional styles, in our exclusive section of "weathered finish" pool tables on our website (  The construction is top-knotch, with all models equipped with one inch slate beds, and options on finish and cloth-color that are sure to fit the setting of your gameroom.
"The Trillium", shown in
the Charcoal finish.
             As always, our prices include playing equipment, efficient delivery and expert installation (within 35 miles of our showroom).  With over 100 years of experience in the pool table business, this "old look" is a welcome "new look" to our extensive line of pool tables for the home.  So if you are in the market for newest additions of the weathered look, look no further than Loria!