Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bargains On Pre-Owned Slate-Top Pool-Tables!

       If you haven't heard, we are grateful to announce that 2015 marked our 103rd year in the pool-table business!  Yes, we pre-date World War I!  But one thing that never gets old is a bonafide bargain.  So we are also grateful to announce that, in addition to our extensive line of brand-new, genuine slate-top pool-tables, Loria offers a very selective group of attractive, pre-owned, genuine slate-top pool-tables - at prices that are just as attractive.
       You may have noticed that I am consistently repeating the words "genuine slate-top".  This is because I want to emphasize that we only sell pool-tables in which the playing surface beneath the cloth is made of good, old-fashioned "genuine slate".  It's the bedrock of the pool-table and we've been offering it on our pool-tables since 1912.  It's the best, so we don't bother with anything less.  Though brands and models have changed countless times over the years, this is one thing that hasn't changed since our founding
       What also hasn't changed since then is making pool-tables available to a budget-conscious public at prices that are...well..."budget-conscious".  So if you're in the market for a good, old-fashioned bargain on a genuine slate-top pool-table, please visit our website, or stop by our showroom for a view of all our current, pre-owned models.  
But beware, these bargains go fast!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Free Removal of Your Pool Table!

Are you having problems selling your pool-table? 

Have you sold your home, but the incoming residents do not wish to keep the pool-table that still sits in the game room?  

In other words:  Do you need your pool-table removed, but you don't have the time or the energy to sell it, or remove it yourself?

Well, look no further!  Loria, on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers, has your answer!  Just give us a call and let our expert crew remove it for you.  Better yet, if your table is eligible, you may qualify to have it removed for FREE.  That's right!  We will waive our current $555 charge (for removal of tables within 35 miles of our store) if it meets our eligibility criteria. Simply e-mail us the pictures of your table, along with as many descriptive details about it, and we will let you know same-day (in most cases) whether it qualifies.  

Please visit our website for information on all of our pool and billiards services.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Target With Dart Players for Over 20 Years!

       If you ask most dart league players in the North Bronx, Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties, they may recommend our company for all their darting supplies, as we have become exceptionally popular with the league players.  By providing the widest selection of steel-tip dart sets (and all the accessories that go with it), and offering a guaranteed discount for all league players who sign up for our e-mailing list, word has definitely gotten around that Loria is the place to find the right weight, the right size and the right grip for your personal set of darts. Even if you're just darting for fun and are not enrolled in a league - no problem - we have something for every dart-player's needs.  We have an extensive supply in stock and an expansive selection of special-order items as well.  Please visit our showroom or go online today!

Just a portion of the darts section in the Loria showroom at 1876 Central Park Avenue in Yonkers, New York.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Over A Hundred Years of "One Customer At A Time"

By Roger V. Loria, Jr.

       There's a poster hanging in a local pizzeria that I found very interesting while having lunch there one day.  The poster stated a handful of facts about life in the U.S. in the year 1907.  The purpose of the poster was to give a customer something interesting to read while dining.  For instance, women in 1907 commonly washed their hair with eggs and borax (wow, right?).  With regard to the 'interesting reading', that mission was accomplished. 
       But the reason why this particular poster was hanging in a pizzeria with a bunch of factoids about 1907 was to draw attention to the year in which this pizzeria was founded.  When I made the connection to the restaurant's long-standing heritage and what life was like in the year it was founded, it made that pizzeria a bit more endearing to me (especially since our company shares a very similar story, starting in 1912).  
       Though the information on the pizzeria's poster was fascinating, it also held a special interest to me as part of a fourth generation business, which was also founded soon after the turn of the 20th century, on the Lower East Side of New York City (only five years apart from that local pizzeria).  I cannot tell you how many customers we have been privileged to serve over the years since then.  But I can honestly tell you that it has been (as the saying goes) "one customer at a time".  
The workshop of the original 'V. Loria & Sons' company, 
located on the Bowery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan 
(circa 1920s). Company founder, Verniere Loria, standing 
third from left. 
       Tying a bigger historical picture to any long-standing heritage draws interest in and of itself.  In business, it also adds that crucial element of 'trust' to a company's public image.  However, that implicit trust still must be proven.  Therefore, that long-standing heritage also puts the onus on those in that business, especially a family business, to earn that trust "one customer at a time".  We have made it a practice that 'goes without saying' in order to give each customer's needs our full and undivided attention.  We believe it is something that is critical to our existence.
      By the way:  In 1912, the average cost of a movie-ticket was 7 cents and an ounce of gold was $20.65.  But we have never put a price on our attention to our customers, whether they are buying a dart-point sharpener for $2, a trophy for $10, or a pool-table for several thousand dollars - it's always been "one customer at a time".
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By Roger V. Loria, Jr.

       Welcome to the official newsletter of V. Loria & Sons!  Yes, we know it's really a "blog" (technically speaking).  But when you consider that our company (now in its fourth generation) was established in 1912, it makes things very difficult to stray from more 'organic' terms - like "newsletter".  What's our point?  We're a family business that has been in the pool-table/game-room business for more than 100 years, as well as in the awards & engraving business for more than 50 years!  We were here before the digital age and all things "cyber-minded".  We have adapted to the digital age, using its conveniences as best we know how, but our attitude toward customer service and customer satisfaction is anything but "virtual".  We know that we serve a clientele who wants something special every time and finding that special something isn't always resolved with the click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger.  That's why we have always made personal customer service the hallmark of our business since its founding.  
       Please visit our websites today for a complete look at our current product & service line: