Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bargains On Pre-Owned Slate-Top Pool-Tables!

       If you haven't heard, we are grateful to announce that 2015 marked our 103rd year in the pool-table business!  Yes, we pre-date World War I!  But one thing that never gets old is a bonafide bargain.  So we are also grateful to announce that, in addition to our extensive line of brand-new, genuine slate-top pool-tables, Loria offers a very selective group of attractive, pre-owned, genuine slate-top pool-tables - at prices that are just as attractive.
       You may have noticed that I am consistently repeating the words "genuine slate-top".  This is because I want to emphasize that we only sell pool-tables in which the playing surface beneath the cloth is made of good, old-fashioned "genuine slate".  It's the bedrock of the pool-table and we've been offering it on our pool-tables since 1912.  It's the best, so we don't bother with anything less.  Though brands and models have changed countless times over the years, this is one thing that hasn't changed since our founding
       What also hasn't changed since then is making pool-tables available to a budget-conscious public at prices that are...well..."budget-conscious".  So if you're in the market for a good, old-fashioned bargain on a genuine slate-top pool-table, please visit our website, or stop by our showroom for a view of all our current, pre-owned models.  
But beware, these bargains go fast!
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