Monday, December 18, 2017

Loria: Your Best Source for the Best Playing Cards!

Chinese printed playing card,
dated c. 1400 A.D.
       Most historical accounts attribute the invention of playing-cards to the Chinese, under the Tang Dynasty,  around 900 A.D.  The game's popularity became widespread throughout the ensuing centuries in China and made its way to Europe by way of Egypt - most likely through the trade-routes that were established between the Far East, the Middle East and the West.
       In the eleven centuries that have passed since the royal courts of Chang'an (present-day Xi'an), playing cards have been used for just about all recreational occasions the world over, in which dozens (if not hundreds) of games have been invented using the same 52-card deck. Moreover, the popularity of playing-cards has never really waned since their creation.  

       For almost twenty years, Loria has been the "go to" place for plastic-coated playing cards.  Why is that important to know?  Because if you are serious about your card games, or you are only interested in the the finest quality playing cards at competitive prices, look no further.  We don't carry anything less than the "card player's card".  Our playing cards are 100% plastic-coated, available in poker-size and bridge size, with both regular-size  indexes and jumbo-size indexes available in either card-size.
       Our brands include DaVinci (in various editions) and Marion Pro.  So if you want the best playing card the next time that you're holding a "royal flush", look no further than Loria - either online or at our showroom on Central Avenue in Yonkers, New York.

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